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Functions in basicVVIO.c

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This library is a collection of functions that allow you to manage in simple way some of the circuits that I have published on

The library has been written using ANSI C (some tips allows to avoid problems of several C versions), is distributed exclusively as source code and it is independent from operating system. The reference hardware is the x86.

You can use this library directly under MS DOS and other OS that doesn't know device driver or I/O protect mode concepts: just you need to compile the library with your-own C program. Using a "real" OS you need to compile library as device driver, kernel mode or ring0 software: you will find a sample for Windows NT and, in future, for Linux. A workaround is to use under Linux ioperm() function or, under Windows, a suitable DLL.

The functions

I haven't still write any english documentation... You can read comments in the source code or go to the Italian version of this page.

All the files in VVIO project are contained in VVIO.tgz compressed file.

license The use license
basicVVxx.x Source files
DLL\ The DLL for windows
SYS\ The device driver for windows NT / 2000 / XP

These circuits are supported from VVIO project:

The documentation is available to the following pages