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VVIO: a library for I/O

Table of contents - Design - Not only electronics - Mail - IT Input Output project is a functions library for simple use of electronic circuits you can find on You can use it to build your-own high level code or as sample code to write your-own low-level code for your home-build hardware. There are also generic I/O functions for parallel port.

Also not being open source software, the non commercial use is free under wide conditions and, beside the binary code, is distributed the source code. Read the license.

The library code has several parts:

This table will show some samples code using VVIO libraries. You can download it from pages describing hardware design and you will find source code and binary programs.

  TurboC (DOS) LW/CVI (Windows) VisualBasic (Windows) gcc (Linux)
Mini-datalogger Yes Yes Yes Yes
Micro-step driver Yes Yes   Yes
Step driver   Yes    

If you wish to publish on my web site your-own programs using VVIO library, you can send it (source and binary) to me. Obviously you will be exclusive copyright holder.

All the files in VVIO project are contained in VVIO.tgz compressed file.

license The use license
basicVVxx.x Source files
DLL\ The DLL for windows
SYS\ The device driver for windows NT / 2000 / XP

These circuits are supported from VVIO project:

The documentation is available to the following pages

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