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PicBrush2 - Control two DC motors with PIC

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Una coppia di microprocessori PIC per controllare due motori in continua

With this circuit you can control a couple of DC brush motors from a PC thru a I2C bus . You can use this circuit to develop and test your software. Main features are:


C1, C2, C4, C5 10N Ceramic or plastic capacitors
C3, C7 1U Ceramic or plastic capacitors
C6 100U Electrolytic capacitor, 50V or more (100 V if Vs > 35V)
C8 50U Electrolytic capacitor, 16V o more
C9, C11, C12 100N Ceramic or plastic capacitors
C10 220U Electrolytic capacitor, 50V o più (100 V se Vs > 35V)
D1 4V7 Zener diode 1/2 W, 4,7 V
ISO1 HCPL2630 High speed dual optoisolator ( > 10 Mbit/s) (data sheets)
J1, J2   Motor connectors
J3   Power supply connector ( 12V < Vs < 50V)
J4   I2C connector
J5, J6 PICKIT2 Connector for PICkit2
R1, R2 2K2 Resistor 1/4 W
R3, R4 390 Resistor 1/4 W
R5 1K Resistor 1/2 W (1 W se Vs > 15V)
R6, R7 1K Resistor 1/4 W
U1, U2 LMD18200 Power H bridge (data sheets)
U3, U4 PIC16F690 PIC16F690 (or PIC18F14) (data sheets)
Y1, Y2 20MHZ Crystal - Optional
C13, C14, C15, C16 22P Ceramic or plastic capacitors - optional

The sample software (C for PIC and VC for Microsoft XP PC), the schematic and the PCB are contained in file.

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