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Electronic design

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In this page I have collected in scattered order some electronics circuits I have realized in the past. For any design you will find the description, the schematic, the PCB and the sources code. Diy!. Go to Italian web site for more design

This circuit connects 2 PIC microcontroller to a couple of DC brush motors. You can use this circuit to develop and test your software
Step driver
A simple circuit to connect two unipolar step motor or up to eight generic DC load to a personal computer. You can connect up to six of this circuit to a single parallel port
Microstep driver
This circuit is realized in order to drive through the parallel port of the PC up to six bipolar step motor. Main characteristic is the ability to increase the number of the steps, using micro-step technique
This circuit connect to a personal computer a 12 bit /  8 channels ADC  powered from the parallel port. It is enclosed software for DOS, Windows 95/98/NT/200/XP and Linux
This input/output library can facilitate the interface of self-made circuits to a personal computer. You can use it with DOS, Windows95/98/NT/200/XP, Linux and also other OS

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