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In this page, you will find IC data sheet of electronic components I used in some project in this web site. You need Adobe Acrobat reader.

MAX147  8-channel, 12-bit ADC Mini-datalogger
LMD18245 Full-Bridge motor driver with internal DAC Micro-step
LMD18200 Full-Bridge motor driver PicBrush2
MAX187 12-bit ADC  
MAX1240 12-bit ADC  
MAX538 12-bit DAC  
CD4094 8-bit shift register/latch Micro-step driver - Step driver
CD4067 16-channel analog multiplexer Misurare 16 temperature Italian version only...
74HC4067 16-channel analog multiplexer  
OP193 Precision operational amplifiers  
6N135 High speed optocoupler (1 Mbit/s) Micro-step, Step driver
HCPL 260 High speed optocoupler (15 Mbit/s)  
LM556 Dual timer  
MAX603 Linear voltage regulator  
LM317HV Linear adjustable high voltage regulator  
LM317 Linear adjustable voltage regulator  
7805 Linear voltage regulator Iso-buffer - A serial to parallel converter
MAX872 2.5V voltage references Mini-datalogger
MAX873 2.5V voltage references  
74LS04 Hex inverting gates  
7404 Hex inverting gates  
74F04 Hex inverting gates  
IRF540 Power MOS Step driver
PIC 16F690 Microcontroller  
PIC 18F14 Microcontroller  

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